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0208 393 3822


Leadership, Management and Lifestyle.

Education Consultant

Georgina I would like to state that your positive and professional delivery has inspired us all and demonstrates that it is possible to achieve a healthy work-life balance even when work appears to engulf your mind, body and soul.


Mrs Ford was professional in her approach and worked with staff through some difficult periods. Those staff members have reflected on their practise and have now become more effective in managing themselves and working as part of a team. Members of staff are now more solution focused and often quote the work of Mrs Ford.

Primary Head Teacher

I write to endorse the training and consultancy work provided by Georgina Ford.  I bought in Georgina’s services when recruitment and retention of staff was critical. We needed to get the best from key staff whilst ensuring maintenance of their wellbeing. We also needed to examine our recruitment processes and focus in on our staff needs.
Staff took it upon themselves to take on further learning and development through recommended reading by Georgina so that learning and focus continued long after the actual sessions. I personally continue to use a range of these strategies ~ almost second nature now.
In addition I would commend Georgina for her timely and fulsome reports, her ability to adapt to unforeseen changes and for maintaining diary commitments.

Dr Kelly Quinton - Ford Motor Company

The NLP course has been extremely useful in not only highlighting my strengths and weaknesses, but giving me the tools required to make positive changes. The course leader’s positive energy makes the sessions fun and interesting and the time flew by.

Kate Cracknell, Editor - Leisure Media

Georgina is possibly one of the most inspiring people in the industry – her enthusiasm and energy levels are both legendary and infectious. Not only that but, with a great vision for where the industry needs to go, all this passion is perfectly channelled into creating groundbreaking programmes and encouraging all those around her to buy into her vision. Spend enough time in Georgina's company and I guarantee you, too, will believe! She has a truly wonderful ability to think big and to make things happen.

David Brazington, DipRP FIRP Gym Manager - Club Woodham

Georgina is a true leader and offers innovation and quality in her field like no other. Having worked for her, and benefited greatly from her mentoring, I can honestly say that any business would gain from her charismatic motivation and management experience with her unique ability to "put the message across" in as few words as possible. Georgina doesnt suffer fools and will go down as one of her industries stellar examples of leadership. Her leadership workshops are not industry specific and would be completely transferable in a customer focussed environment. Highly recommended.

Debra Stuart, CEO - Premier Global Limited

I have worked with Georgina on a number of projects and committees for years - I have always admired her intelligence, insight, courage and resilience in "doing what is right" - she is indeed one of our industry movers and shakers.

Tim Webster, Consultant - Fitness Professionals

Georgina Jupp is a creative, forward-thinking individual whose passion for the health and fitness industry permeates everything she does. Georgina saw the opportunity for the fitness industry to become a mainstream healthcare provider long before most others woke up to the possibility and she has worked tirelessly to make that dream a reality. I work with health and fitness professionals around the world and it's hard to think of anyone who is more talented, committed or hard working. She's an industry treasure!

Andree Deane-Barron, CEO - Fitness Industry Association

Georgina has always been admired by the fitness industry for her delivery of high quality training and education programmes. She is passionate about the fitness industry and has contributed to it's professional development in so many ways. What I most admire about Georgina is her committment to creating a strong liaison between health prevention and exercise which she works tirelessly towards.

Nic Jarvis, Senior Partner - The Alignment Partnership

In an industry that is short of customer orientated people, Georgina stands out as one of the best. She is passionate about meeting the needs of both health and fitness professionals and customers and is undoubtedly a leader in her field.

Tory Brettell, Owner - Traffic Health and Fitness Lld

It is always a pleasure to work with Georgina as she is so motivated and passionate about what she delivers and ensures your expectations are certainly met and if not exceeded. Georgina is a great listener and will discuss openly with you challenges and ideas to make your project a great success but above all she is very personable and will keep in touch on a timely basis!

Margaret Adams, MA Chartered FCIPD Director - The Adams Consultancy Ltd

Georgina is enthusiastic and innovative. She designs excellent leadership and personal development programmes and she knows the health and fitness industry back to front and inside out. Georgina has a fantastic approach to designing training programmes that motivate people to change their lifestyles. On-line, face to face, one-to-one or in groups, Georgina's programmes succeed.

Anne Marie Byrne, Health Assessor - RGN, RMN, BSC Spec Prac. Mental Health, Post Grad. Dip in CBT

Over the past 5-6 years CK Academy has proved very popular with many of our clients and often quite vulnerable and fragile clients have progressed well when other statutory services have failed to make a great deal of impact in improving their lives. The service provided practically has always been flexible not only to current research but also to service need and demand. From the client perspective they report that the service is compassionate flexible and caring. Our monitoring tools show good outcomes for its attendees and a high proportion of clients complete the course. Reported success shows that not only do clients improve their physical wellbeing whilst at CK Academy but also that they appear to be highly successful in improving the mental wellbeing of our clients. CK Academy and Essex CMP have enjoyed good working relationships over the past few years and this relationship has allowed for all parties to work proactively for the good of the client group which we jointly aim to support. As a result of this we have been able to pilot new ideas and develop the service provided to be as best it can and I am sure future collaboration will allow for further development of service quality.