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So What Difference has coaching REALLY made to adopting effective wellness habits?



Designed to educate and encourage groups of individuals looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle and reduce workplace stress.

Easy to follow programmes providing practical advice, interactive seminars and exercise sessions all designed to change the way you live FOR LIFE!

The programme offers a combination of the following:

  • Educational workshops (topics include physical activity; the role of good nutrition; sleep and emotional health)
  • Personal measurements (e.g. weight, body measurements)
  • Membership at a designated Health Club
  • Group activity sessions (e.g. health walks, circuit classes)
  • Support and guidance by your own Co-ordinator

Intelligent Lifestyle Programming

Intelligent Programming provides individuals with a comprehensive approach to lifestyle change.

An initial consultation will plan the most effective, results driven programme.

Any specific requirements or medical conditions you have will be taken into consideration.

Intelligent programming takes place in a variety of settings, including health clubs, home, your office or outdoors. This programme achieves optimum results and is always fresh and interesting.

The programme:

  • Confidential consultation
  • Personalised exercise programme
  • Healthy diet plan (if required)

Your initial consultation will include:

  • Complete range of body measurements
  • Postural and functional analysis
  • Healthy diet plan /dietary analysis (if required)
  • Fitness assessments
  • Goal setting

This programme is suitable for those with a range of medical conditions.

Intelligent Healthy Diet Plan

This programme is suited to those who want to maintain a healthy weight and be active but love food and want a plan to fit into their lifestyle and not the other way around.

We are ALL different, and therefore a one size fits all approach just won’t do it!

Identical diets with set portion sizes and calories regardless of our weight, shape and activity levels, is not the most effective way to promote weight loss, instead our programme is tailor made for your specific needs.

The programme:

  • Confidential consultation with a Healthy Diet/Weight Management Trainer
  • A healthy diet plan designed specifically for you
  • A personal portfolio with tips and advice to keep you on track
  • A designated exercise programme
  • Follow up consultations to track your results

Your initial consultation will include:

  • Taking key body measurements
  • Calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate, Body Mass Index and Physical Activity Levels
  • Personal likes and dislikes
  • Medical conditions and medications to be considered
  • Goal setting

Our Healthy Diet programme promotes a healthy immune system, increased energy levels, better sleep patterns AND impressive weight loss – LONG TERM!

Intelligent Fitness Camp

Not just another Bootcamp - a highly individual concentrated Fitness Camp.

Our Fitness Camp is different; it is designed to give everyone the opportunity to achieve phenomenal results...The intelligent way!

You don’t have to travel half way across the globe, have an enormous budget, eat and drink strange miracle potions or be physically exhausted to within an inch of your life!

We offer a range of options from a long weekend in France or the UK to our ‘Super Start’ days AND if there are 10 or more we will come to you! Why not get together with friends, family or work colleagues and enjoy a well earned break with outstanding results.

Whichever option you choose all programmes start with a confidential and comprehensive consultation, including:

  • Complete body measurements
  • Healthy diet plan/dietary analysis
  • Health assessments
  • Goal setting
  • Your own personal exercise and healthy diet plan

Group activities include:

  • Motivational educational seminars
  • Personal training sessions
  • A range of exercise classes

Health and Wellness Fairs

Designed to give employees access to a range of important individual physical measurements including:

  • Weight and Body Measurement
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Blood Pressure

Our team will be on hand to calculate Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rates (the amount of calories your body requires to maintain current weight, loose or gain weight) and give general health & nutritional guidance.

With lots of interactive tools to highlight amounts of fats and sugars in typical food, measuring alcoholic in our favourite drinks and how to make sense of food labelling etc. The fair is designed to assist individuals wanting to improve their health.

Why not take advantage of some group activity sessions to complete the package and really impact on your employee health.

Know your Numbers - Health Check

Individual consultation with one of our professional Advisers, to include:

  • Weight & Body Measurements
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (the amount of calories your body requires to maintain current weight, lose or gain weight).

Results are explained along with any implications on health.

The Adviser will assist individuals with a step by step approach to achieving goals and setting personal targets.

Educational Seminars

A comprehensive range of interactive educational seminars for your employees, choose from those featured below. Each seminar is approx. 60 minutes with additional 30 minutes for questions.

Any combination can be selected or speak to us about specific topics.

Leadership and Management Skills

Personality - the theory of personality types, how our personality shapes us, how people respond to us and just as importantly we to them.

Getting the Best from Ourselves - highly acclaimed leadership skills, tools and techniques made practical, including the habits of highly successful people and the latest thinking on leading in uncertain times.

Personal Development Plan - devise a personalised plan, identify THE key skills you currently possess and which areas to focus on to improve performance and productivity.

Lifestyle Topics

The Impact of Physical Activity on Employee Wellbeing - why exercise must play a key role in your life, which types to include, what works most effectively and the mounting evidence to support increasing activity levels on short and long term health.

The Role of Good Nutrition - how to eat well in a fast paced world, dispelling the food myths, understand individual basal metabolic rates and what needs to happen to achieve optimum results.

Sleep - what happens when we don’t sleep, why it has important implications on our health and how to enjoy regular restful sleep.

Emotional Health - how to recognise personal stressors, practical tools and techniques to alleviate symptoms and tackle causes.

Prices available per individual seminar.
Discounted prices for booking 3 or 6 seminar packages.