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CK Academy
48 Gilhams Avenue

0208 393 3822 

48 Gilham's Ave
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0208 393 3822

‘Gene-ius’ The ‘Genetic Profiling Intelligent Retreat’

7 Day Timetable

Day 1

12pm Arrival, Check In and Relax

3pm – 4.30pm Welcome Meeting & Programme Overview

5.00pm Yoga

6.15pm Mingle

Day 2

8am Yoga Class/Pilates

9.30am - 11am Personalised DNA Profile Workshop (your confidential DNA Profile will be given out) Q & A

11.00 – 5pm – Relaxation, Beach Time

5pm Yoga/Body Conditioning

7.30pm Emotional Intelligence – How to Get More of What You Want and Less of What you Don’t!


Day 3

8.30am Yoga Class

10.30 DNA Your Genetic Diet -  Nutritional Workshop

12pm – 4pm – Relaxation, Beach Time

4.30pm – Beach Hike, Gentle Jog
5pm – Yoga

7.30pm Dinner

Day Four

8.30am Yoga Class

10.30am – 11.30am - Wellness Seminar

11.30am – 5pm – Relaxation

5.30pm Pilates/Yoga Class

8pm Juicing Workshop

Day 5

8.30am Pilates Class

10.30am – 11.30am Wellness –‘Using your Personal Genetics’ Exercise Seminar

Relaxation Time

5.30pm – Body Conditioning

Day 7

8.30am Pilates Class

11.30am - Farewell

Day Six

8.30am Yoga Class

10.30 – 12pm ‘Where to From Here’ – How to Keep the Motivation Going Once Home

Relaxation Time

5.30pm Yoga Class

7pm – Seminar (TBC)