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GENE-IUS - unleash your human potential



Our unique scientifically based Wellness Retreats and Programmes contain comprehensive lifestyle,  fitness and diet information that we draw from  genes we analyse to give you personal insights to revolutionise your lifestyle.

 DNAFIT - 1 test - a lifetime of change

We offer a bespoke genetics test  using a simple cheek swab to identify different genes and how they impact the way you interact with our environment.

Fitness and nutrition are intrinsic to a healthy life we help you to  understand yourself on a personal level to achieve optimum results in your lifestyle.

DNAFit Brochure

Download the comprehensive DNAFit Diet & Fitness Report here

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Let us take you on a GENE-IUS journey!


Your very own uniquely personalised report allows you to bypass the one-size-fits-all approach to diets.

The meal planner carefully selects exactly what you need, cutting out all the bad. We understand what is fine for one person may have another person gain weight!

Part of looking and feeling good is having lower levels of body fat, if we listened to online gurus, we might be mistaken for thinking that this is almost impossible!

So Many Questions!

Should we consume wholegrain carbohydrates or none at all?

What about saturated fats to build muscle and lose fat, or are they going to cause heart disease?

Many of us are led to believe carbohydrates are “bad” and saturated fats are “good”.

Then we get onto diets... Just look at Google  for the best diet to suit your goals and you are bombarded with different options!

Should we follow the Paleo lifestyle and eat exactly like our ancestors did (despite the fact that none of the foods we eat today resemble foods they ate) Or is that old hat today?

Or maybe we could drink our morning coffee with half a stick of butter???

What about intermittent fasting?

All these diets have their proponents, all of whom are certain that their diet is the best and the most effective!

No wonder we are confused.... If you’re already on a diet, how do you know whether your choice is the best one for you?


Should you stick to the one you’re on now, or change to the latest one?

We all know that motivation to stick to a diet is tough. We want results quickly, and if we don’t get them we want to change to a diet that might be better. 

When you consider that one of the keys to a successful diet is consistency, you can see how this might cause problems. Most diets are also a one-size-fits-all approach, applying the same principles to everyone. But intuitively we know that people aren’t the same. We all know someone that can eat carbohydrates and not gain weight. We also know people who only have to look at a sweet potato to gain weight!

How can the same approach work for everyone?

Well, we think we’ve found  a much more effective way!

 Instead of applying broad dietary principles to everyone, we use your genes to match you to a diet that suits your genetic makeup.

We will look at how well you tolerate both fats and carbohydrates on a genetic level, to give you on a diet matched to your genes.


Exercise and Fitness

You go to the gym and workout hard for an hour a few times per week, or maybe you’re following a programme you found online from the latest super coach. You’re getting good results, maybe… BUT are they optimum results?

We’re all busy. In today’s supercharged world, there are plenty of different demands pulling us all over the place; sometimes it’s hard enough just getting through the day. When time is short, why waste it doing an exercise programme that isn’t giving you what you want!

Here’s a secret – training theory doesn’t know the optimal number of reps for you!


 Most strength programmes  recommend  lifting  anywhere between 6 and 15 repetitions.

And as for recovery and risk of injury is it really a guessing game or can we determine how you are affected?

Well, which is it? Should you lift 6 reps or 15?

We understand that your motivation to train can be fragile.

If you don’t get the results you want,  it's easy to become disillusioned, and give up.


Our mission is to prevent this from happening.

We want you to meet ALL  your goals, whatever they may be so training according to your genes makes sense! If you’re following a general one size fits all approach to training that doesn’t take your genetic makeup into account your chances of  success  are affected.


Let’s use your DNA to unlock your unique human potential!

Prices & Courses avaIlable


DNAFit Premium Diet & Exercise Report
Cost - £249

1 Day Workshop
Location - London & South East  
Duration - 1 Day
Schedule - inclu. DNAFit Report/ Seminar / Lunch / Class
Cost - £369.00

121 DNAFit Personal  Consultation
Location - Reigate
Duration - 45 mins
Schedule - incl. DNAFit Report / Consultation
Cost - £348.00  

Telephone  Consultation
Duration - 30 mins
Schedule -incl. DNAFit Report  
Cost - £315.00


Location - ChateauLe Cagnard, France - Cagnes-sur-Mer 4*
3 nights - £TBC or Without Accom/Flights - £TBC
5 nights - £TBC or Without Accom/Flights - £TBC

Location - Chateau Berne, France - Provence 5*
3 nights - £TBC or Without Accom/Flights - £TBC
5 nights - £TBC or Without Accom/Flights - £TBC

Location - Vale Do Lobo, Portugal (Apartments)
3 nights - £1229.00pp or Without Accom/Flights - £695.00
5 nights - £1750.00pp or Without Accom/Flights - £879.00

Location - La Vague De Saint Paul, France - St Paul de Vence 4*
3 nights - £TBC or Without Accom/Flights - £TBC
5 nights - £TBC or Without Accom/Flights - £TBC


Our  all new 2018 programme includes 3 and 5 night retreats hosted in the marvellous luxury resort of Vale do Lobo in Portugal.

Vale do Lobo

The Largest Luxury Resort of its kind in Portugal

The resort covers a total area of 450 hectares in a unique location with a 2km beach, swimming pools, conference facilities, children’s entertainment, restaurants and bars.

Two championship golf courses, wellness and medical centres,  a Tennis Academy and  an exceptional level of service making it a destination that appeals to  everyone.